Answering some questions about the trailer

This is my quick response to a few questions I got about the motioneers-trailer. I’ll briefly explain how I created the tree and how I attached the hooks for the chains to that tree. You’ll learn the magic component is a plugin called “NitroBake“.

Here’s again the animation I did for the launch of


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  1. Mart Kay

    hi robert,

    shouldn’t be the spline center of the three points ? and why didn’t you use a sweep nurb with the displacementdeformer ?

    greez aus aachen

    • I tried using the spline as the center for the hooks, but that didn’t work for me, at all. The hooks were shifting all over the place. Using three actual mesh points made the hooks stick very nicely to the tree.

      As for using a sweep-nurbs instead of a cylinder: sure, I could have done that, but then i would have to animate the deformers to follow the sweep offset… well, there are always many ways to achieve something in C4D.

  2. Alan

    lol, please stop playing Skyrim , and keep doing this animations and breakdowns. I’d love to see a little of the xpresso part, I discovered the nitro bake a few weeks ago too and yes I think it´s one of the best plugins I´ve seen this year

    • Alan

      Oh forget the xpresso part ha ha I found “How to get the Normal Vector in the center of three coordinates”:)

  3. Have to say, I always find quick breakdowns like this where you got through a loose method, rather than something full of highly detailed values & parameters to create an exact copy of a sample animation, much more beneficial & interesting. Keep it up!

  4. Wow! you keep shocking me with your xpresso skills, but on top of that that’s a pretty great design, how about a tutorial that mixes those two? design fundamentals while dragging nodes around in xpresso? :D
    Great work guru, keep it up.

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