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Motion Graphic Trends That Shall Rule 2020

Motion Graphic Trends That Shall Rule 2020

Motion pictures have always hypnotised hominids since time immemorial. From the bewildering range of light-sensitive chemical rolls to modern cinematography, technology has taken men to dark, virginal expanses of visual experiences. Most of us would be wondering how motion graphics could alchemize today’s world. They open a whole new perspective on the way we see things. You better not miss out on the latest trends, lest you be fossilized.

Thin lines

Who would even fathom that a second-grade concept would be so powerful a tool that can transform the way we visualise things? Lines add up to any animated image, an intelligible and exquisite look. Their simplicity might be the ground for its ignorance, but only masters know simple things matter most. Lines are instrumental in giving the direction, maintaining shapes, highlighting the vitals, and even more. Coupling it with your animations can open a new world of creativity and possibilities.

Thin lines

Kinetic typography

The technical term for ‘moving text.’ This approach is all about breaking the rules. It goes to the different methodologies of lounging, bending, distorting, twisting letters, and symbols. People are often fascinated by this typology.

Liquid motion

This is another fascinating trend that is sweeping the graphic design industry. Adding a fluid element to the rigid graphic structure would make a paradigm shift in video designing. Fluidity has always mesmerized viewers for its distinctive style. Designers here, change the clean transitions to fluid progress. Letters turning into water splashes would add up to the flamboyance of the video.

Isometric design animation

This animation provides what is called an isometric projection of a three-dimensional object on its two-dimensional plane. This will tie-in the observer with the content of the video. It also gives added emphasis on the pivotal purpose of the designer.

Isometric design animation

Digital surrealism

Surrealism is an attempt in the digital world to make the virtual world more of a reality to the material world. It intertwines familiarity and fiction most elegantly. It widens the wandering fantasy of commonplace objects with intricate details and unexpected manner.

Minimalist animation

This is a never-go fashion in the digital industry. It aims to show less and say more. Being in the industry for more than 60 years, the concept has never lost significance. The new modality preserves the idea but adds to it more fluid styles, magical formations, and inserted textures.

Parallax animation

The parallax effect portrays things that move at different speeds with respect to each other. This animation defies even the distance between the screen and the observer, seeming closer or farther than you expect. Nearer objects move faster than farther objects—a typical illusion to the eyes.

Parallax animation

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the next mammoth step in the digital revolution of the century. Virtual reality indulges people in the existence of virtual. Quite an irony, isn’t it? This great revolution takes us miles to Augmented Reality, which brings us on a virtual tour in the real world. A step further is the Mixed Reality, which allows the active interplay of virtual events in the material world.

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