Cinema 4D quick tip | FFD Deformers

Here is a quick tip on non destructive editing of a mesh. I use this technique to show clients a variety of options for model shapes when they are unsure of what they want. It isn’t always the best way and sometimes you just have to make multiple models but a lot of the time this can save you working more than you need to.

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  1. Stephen Townsend

    Hi Rob,

    I’m working with the FFD deformer myself at the moment and I’ve created a little animation of a character using it. I now want to move this character in to another scene but I’m finding when I try to rescale it and place him somewhere that the FFD deformer is going out of place and/or I’m losing the correct animation.

    Is there a way to ‘bake’ the FFD deformer animation? I know you can use cappuccino to bake keyframes so I tried that but I still can’t seem to remove the FFD deformer afterwards.

    Any suggestions?


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