Lightwave | instancing introduction

In this, the first motioneers Lightwave video, I introduce the instancing tools that were added to the newest release, R11.
For those of you not familiar with Lightwave it is a complete 3D package, with a very fast and powerful renderer and really good modelling tools.

It differs from C4D in a few ways, the most obvious being it is broken down into two main programs, modeller (for building stuff) and Layout (for animating). This means you can concentrate on the task in hand, without worrying about other tools or scene elements getting in the way.

It’s a very different way of working but works well. I’ve been using it since 2002 and love it almost as much as C4D.

They also play well together. Always a bonus!


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  1. Bret

    Thanks for this Rob. I happened to see something very interesting…MILGX folder in your finder… :) Now I have something to look forward to haha. Once again thanks for all you do. Can’t wait to see what this MILGX has in store…sorry I’m observant

  2. matko

    great, thank you. hope to see more LW videos.

  3. Andy Stewart

    Thanks Rob exactly what I was looking for

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