Popup Book Pt.2 – Attaching designs

Not an easy one, but I finally managed to attach some geometry to the rig from the first part of this tutorial series. I used XPresso to attach a polygon object to the joints and to generate a fourth point, so that I’m able to map a popup book element onto this four-side polygon using the Surface deformer.

Here’s the equation to calculate the vector length and orientation C between two coordinates A and B (flip A and B for the other direction):

C = B – A


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  1. Mohamed Aljazaere

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us Robert!
    What a brilliant are u!

    Keep it going..
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Robert — lots of lateral thinking in this one :)
    I had a quick go at achieving the same effect using connectors. You can see the results here if you’re interested.


  3. pedro

    thanks oh great master f the c4d universe!!!….( I DID IT WELL??)

  4. That’s what’s up!!!

  5. illd

    “oouch – that hurts” – shut up, brain :)

    Thx Rob!

  6. Excellent job! Robert, I love all your tutorials–keep it coming–cheers!…:)

  7. Again, very creative and clever use of Xpresso and Maths !
    You really rocks and i must say, every tutorial you launch here is extremely useful and becomes immediately a “must watch” !
    Congratulations for all your crazy work,
    Thanks again and keep up the good stuff !

  8. Wow,I’m speechless ! Thanks a lot for that credit, really appreciated and really glad I helped…although I should thank you for another Great tutorial and for all these great techniques you share with us…I mean, vector maths !? that’s ridiculous…who would have thought that? :p Not to mention the surface deformer…Awesome!

  9. John

    This tutorial is exceptional!
    I wondered if you had the same problem as I’m having on output. When I pause mid page turn and preview render frame in the window the positioning of the rig adjusts and shows a perfect image. But when I do the final output the rig seems to ‘lag behind’ the page turn so I get intersecting pop up elements with the page? I can’t understand why this is happening?

  10. John

    Just found out, it’s something to with priorities.
    In the expresso tag play around with the priorities settings and this should sort it.
    Big :)

    • Koen

      Hey John,

      I have the same problem, been bugging me all day long.
      Could you explain what you have done, and why?


  11. Hey Robert,

    Just having a go at Part 2 – I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but the rig still seems to be jumpy with the new method – I’m suspecting it has something to do with the middle constraint. As I animate the book element, it seems to be jumping to try and keep up with the middle null.

    Sample: http://robmac.net/gifs/popupfail.gif

    Advice would be appreciated!

  12. I think I may have made a dumb mistake. When I changed my Pole Vector object from joint.Middle to null.Middle, it works fine. Sorry to waste precious comment space!!

  13. adam

    Wow the connectors version works amazing!

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