Rigging a Popup Book element

Here’s an approach on how to rig a popup book element. This is surely only one way, so I’m looking forward to see your takes on it. Also I need some tips to help me get the missing steps done that I struggle with in the end of the video. Post it in the comments. Thanks! Also special thanks to Perez who send this tutorial request to me.


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  1. zef

    Hi Robert,
    Interesting tutorial about this crazy scrapbook animation. But IK chains seem to be tough ! It’s a complete different way, with its own logic inside C4D, isn’t it ?
    Anyway, I would love to check the part 2 of it, as here, at the office, we’re looking for these kind of results for our clients, mainly artists…
    Thank you for this research and work…

  2. Let’s see it all the way done, PLEASE and Thank You.

  3. Frank

    Hi Robert,
    Klasse Tutorial!

    Vielen Dank.

  4. Hey! buddy you did it again–wow! this tutorial is what I was waiting for–you are awesome man..:) Thanks and keep up the excellent work–you are the man!

  5. I think at exactly 39 minutes in, if you would have just rotated the object 180 degrees it would have worked. But im like you with all the rigging and such, mostly I would keyframe stuff… I need to get better :-D

  6. Hi. I’m Jeongseok.
    Always, yours tutorial is great.
    Thanks. have a good day. :)

  7. thanks everyone! i’ll record a follow-up when i’m in the mood ;)

  8. Hello Robert,

    It`s a great tutorial
    Can i place a link of this tutorial on my website ?
    keep up the good work


  9. Hey Robert,
    Great tutor again!
    Thinking about this lagging issue, I had a guess that it is happening because of the hierarchies…I mean in the first IK tag of joint.middle you set as a goal joint.top1, which is below middle.joint in the hierarchy…Well i tried it and changed the hierarchy but the lag was still there…maybe less…
    Anyway, finally I figured out that this rig doesn’t need two IKs if you set the joints just a little differently…Under joint.top1 you can put joint.middle and joint.right on the same level…then an IK and PSRconstraint on joint.left and another PSRcons on joint.middle…
    I’ve posted a short video on vimeo to make it clear:

  10. Serge

    Hi Robert,
    For the problem of update, in the “Character menu”, in “Manager”, there is i think
    “automatic update”,( i have not the english version) check it and for me with 40 ms the problem dissappear.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  11. hi robert,
    nice tutorial as usual :) we’re waiting for the next episode !
    keep up doing good inspiring stuffs in c4d
    about flip book, have you seen this : vimeo.com/40143770
    nice ….

  12. Hey! bud, thanks so much for the tutorial–you aways do a fantastic job! Can you do a tutorial about a a animated book, and then take it to after effects and add photos? That would be awesome–thanks!

  13. Richard

    Hi Robert, very useful tutorial :)
    I was wondering where did you get that PSR0 button at the top of your tools bar.

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