Voxel-Effect for Cinema 4D

This preset is now available only at c4dtools.net

So, here’s the walkthrough of the Voxel-Effect preset for Cinema 4D. Watch it, download the file and – hopefully – create awesome stuff with it. When you’ve come up with something cool, share it with us in the comments!

NOTE: the script for onemoreproduction’s “Pixels” animation was not written in Objective C, but in C++. I misremembered that. You’ll find more info about this masterpiece in the interview with Patrick Jean in Motionographer.

Update 1:

The voxel-effect preset was set up and tested in Cinema 4D Release 11.5. I don’t have Release 11.0 anymore so I can’t tell, if all features work there – the MoDynamics obviously won’t.

Update 2:

Here’s a short tutorial with some tipps on modelling shapes for the voxel-effect preset:

Video Placeholder (07_update2.flv)

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  1. Chris Fake


    Wanted to use this effect for a logo animation but not seeing it at c4dtools. Is it not available any more? Thanks for the help.

  2. sso

    Where is the location of the voxel-Effect to download?

  3. sso

    Thanks for the help.

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