XL#6 / The Animator / Result

Here it is, the result for XPresso Lesson #6. Pretty simple, right? In the second part of this screencast I also show you how you can save your XPresso setup so that you can easily re-use it at a later time.

I’m only showing the main principle of this preset, if you want to see more complex setups, please take a look at the submissions below. Great job, guys!

XPresso Lesson #7 will hold a little surprise… actually, two surprises, but more about this later :)

Submissions for this lesson so far

If you want me to list yours as well, drop me an email.

volker zinssmeister
YiannZ (aka mpoulis)
David Engdahl
Greg (G2B)


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  1. Bruce

    Can I download it?

  2. Stefan

    Is there a way to start the animation (like the one from Lesson 06) without hitting the “Play” button… I want to start my animation from a data user – boolean for example, or by iterating the frames somehow….Any ideas?

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